KNVB Welcome to Football

The KNVB (Dutch royal football organization) wanted to welcome children in the target group of 6 to 12 years old on football. This role often lies with the clubs, but the KNVB as umbrella organization also wants to play a role in this. The ambassador of pupil football ‘Nathan Rutjes’ welcomes the children to football. We have processed various data in a ticker. Thus the name of the children can be seen, but also 2 other children from the same association. Parents are also held accountable for their responsibility for sportsmanship. The players of the Dutch national team and the ladies team also welcome the children. The logos of the football clubs come into view and the sports park can be seen via google maps. The email and landing page was designed by Message From Your Hero with sharing options and a link for a survey. The new members are welcomed twice a year. In total, this was the first year around 75,000 films.

Costomer: KNVB
Client: KNVB