At the police in Ede, the police are doing a test to appeal to young people about their ears and eyes during crimes. With a personalized video campaign, young people are asked to share everything they see or hear on social media with the police. Through tips from social media it has been proven that many issues can be resolved. By showing the importance of this and adding personal elements to it, young people are approached in a positive way, as they do not quickly get out of the police themselves. We have also added personalized speech for this project. 2300 names are used by the relevant agents who have been recorded in our special recording software. An SMS function has also been added specifically for this project to enable young people to participate and to take part in an investigation at a later date. The end of 2018 will see whether this project can run nationwide.

Due to privacy rules, we can not post the video online.

Customer: Police
Client: Dutch Media Vision